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I'm a freelance rpg designer, gamer, and part-time adventurer. RPG Superstar 2013 finalist, 2011 Top 16. I've been published by Paizo, Inc., Jon Brazer Enterprises, and Flaming Crab Games.

Stepping through Dangerous Doorways

Throughout civilization, in cities and towns, dungeons or ruins, the common doorway is the most ubiquitous obstacle encountered by adventurers. They keep unwanted trespassers out, secure the guilty in, and protect cherished valuables from both. Doorways serve as both barrier and pathway.

Few mundane objects elicit the same sense of mystery or dread from those who encounter them as a doorway. Where does it lead? What lies behind it? Is it locked, or worse trapped? Is it a magic portal? When there is more than one doorway, which do you choose? Tales of life, death, fame, & fortune begin with a single step through a door.

The world of Dangerous Doorways awaits! Will you step through to adventure?



Who are the Doorjacks?

Concept logo for Dance of Ruin Games


Initial concept by myself & Jesse Hughes of @PlummyPress.
Logo by Antanas Bulota, Art Director Dance of Ruin Games.

Wanted to evoke the chaotic capering of a Vrock demon with a retro publishing imprint or woodcut look. Jesse came up with the tribal or cave painting concept,  Antanas and I further refined the design. Note the lightning motif in the wings echoing the result of a successful dance of ruin. The crown, of course, is my personal stamp. Can’t wait to get the fully vectored art and finish the masthead layout. The journey from Dretch to Demon Lord begins with the first kill… and my team definitely killed it with this design.

We make games that Vrock!